Itella testing electric mopeds in mail delivery


Itella will test the suitability of electric mopeds for mail delivery service use in various parts of Finland by acquiring, for trials, a total of ten electric mopeds, specially designed for mail delivery purposes. The trial runs will start during the summer in Espoo, Pori, Pirkkala, Lempäälä, Vaasa and Teuva.

The benefits of the electric moped include environment friendliness and lower running costs, in addition to which these vehicles are almost noiseless, which is pleasant for both the employee using the moped and people in the surroundings. The carbon dioxide emissions of an electric moped in mail delivery account for only 30 per cent of those of a corresponding moped with a combustion engine.

Being the nation’s largest transport and delivery company, Itella is committed to promoting the introduction of eco-friendly vehicles and vehicle technology development. Itella’s objective is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in various ways, including increasing use of low emission vehicles. Postal delivery runs form a highly suitable test field for any kind of vehicle technology.

Itella has tested many alternative fuels, including electricity, natural gas and biodiesel, and arranges training for mail carriers and other employees in adopting an economical and safe driving style, in order to reduce fuel consumption in service vehicles and enhance traffic safety.

The total mileage of mail carriers’ daily delivery routes amounts to some 250,000 kilometres. The vehicle best suited to each route is selected for delivery purposes, varying from a delivery cart used on foot or a bicycle to mopeds, wheel buggies and cars. Mopeds are particularly suitable for mail delivery purposes in detached housing areas in population centres.
In Finland, Itella uses some 5,500 vehicles, covering around 100 million kilometres per year. The number of mopeds in mail delivery amounts to approximately 100.

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