Itella Logistics becomes Rautakesko's international logistics partner


Rautakesko has chosen Itella Group's Itella Logistics as its international logistics partner. The agreement covers the warehousing, terminal operations and store deliveries of building and home improvement trade products.

Itella Logistics has taken care of Rautakesko's warehousing services in Finland since 2002. The cooperation agreement now signed first extends the operation to Norway and Sweden, and subsequently to Rautakesko's other operating countries in the Baltics and Russia.

Rautakesko's current warehousing operations in Langhus, Norway will be transferred to Itella. At the same time, 20 people will transfer to Itella Logistics. In Sweden, K-rauta's warehousing operations will be transferred to the new extension of Itella's service warehouse in Borås, which will be completed at the beginning of next year.

- Building an international logistics network is part of Rautakesko's strategic development work in promoting joint international operations. An efficient supply chain covering the whole operating area especially supports the achievement of the growth targets set for Rautakesko's own brands and imports from the Far East. Itella has been Rautakesko's logistics partner in warehousing and terminal operations in Finland since the beginning of 2002. The cooperation gives Rautakesko access to the supply chain information flow, which is important for a continuous improvement of operations. And because Itella has extended its service offer to the whole of Rautakesko's operating area, we found it a natural choice as our international logistics partner, says Vice President Sakari Malka of Rautakesko.

- Itella Logistics is one of the leading providers of logistics services in the Nordic countries and Russia. We can provide Rautakesko with a cost-effective comprehensive solution for shared operating and information systems in all operating countries, says Director Pekka Laitio of Itella Logistics.

Further information:

Itella Logistics, Director Pekka Laitio, tel. +358 40 547 9594
Rautakesko Ltd, Vice President Sakari Malka, tel. +358 50 432 7341

Rautakesko  is engaged in the building and home improvement trade through the K-rauta, Rautia, Byggmakker and Senukai retail chains. Rautakesko manages its chains, combines their purchasing power, arranges efficient logistics, acquires store sites and guarantees strong marketing and development support to the stores. Rautakesko operates in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia, and Belarus.

Itella Logistics, an Itella Group company, supports and develops its customers’ business operations by providing freight and forwarding, transport and delivery, and warehousing services as well as comprehensive contract logistics solutions. In 2008, Itella Logistics’ net sales will exceed EUR 700 million, and the company employs some 10,350 staff in eight countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia).