Changes to the fuel surcharge of Express, Parcel and Unitised Transport services


Itella Logistics will revise the basis and rates of fuel surcharges applicable to its services: for parcels, the new fuel surcharge is 7.15% and for unitised transport services, 8.2%. The new rates will take effect on 7 July 2008.

From that day on, the fuel surcharge will be tied to the fuel factor of Statistics Finland’s cost index on the road transport of goods. The change will not influence agreements in any way, and the usage of services will continue unchanged in other respects.

- The current price trends have forced us to revise the basis and rates of the fuel surcharges applicable to domestic and international Express, parcel and unitised transport services, says Pekka Stenqvist, director in charge of Express and domestic freight services at Itella Logistics.

In recent months, fuel prices have increased drastically: the price per litre has gone up by approximately 25% this year.

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Pekka Stenqvist, director, Itella Logistics, tel. +358 40 741 6630

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