The most extensive survey of online shopping: Experiential Aspects Matter in Online Shopping


Consumers have new types of expectations of online shopping. Although they appreciate the fact that they can rely on the order-supply chain, this is not sufficient because they also think highly of the experiential aspects related to online shopping. These findings are based on the most extensive consumer survey of online shopping published in recent years, aimed at eliciting information on what lies behind online shopping behaviour.

Accordingly, consumers have realistic expectations of a well-performing online shop, mostly related to product availability, the price-quality ratio and the online shop's technical performance. In addition, basic performance elements related to shopping, such as simple ordering, reliable deliveries, effective product returns and customer service perceived as personal in nature, are important to consumers. 

’In addition to the basic performance elements, the results highlight the experiential aspects of online shopping. People shop online, make impulse purchases and try to find solutions for their individual needs. People also want to enjoy their visit to an online shop, says Teija Hyttinen Director, eCommerce Development, Finland Post.

Consumers expect experiential benefits and a new kind of innovativeness with respect to searching for, exploring and comparing products. Respondents also appreciated benefits and bonuses related to customer relationships as well as surprises accompanying the ordered product. Furthermore, they also perceived online shopping as very personal.

Conducted on the internet in February, the survey involved a total of 9,390 respondents, 47 per cent of whom were women and more than half aged between 35 and 55. Nine out of ten respondents had experiences of web shopping. ‘This was also reflected in direct suggestions for service development made to retailers and e.g. the Post', states Hyttinen.

Industry surveys suggest that online shopping in Finland will increase by an annual rate of 17 per cent during the next five years. During the next six months, 55 per cent of Finns intend to shop online.

Finland Post Group has long experience of the mail-order business and the related consumer services. An increasing number of parcels are being delivered to home addresses through its most extensive, country-wide home delivery network. Finland Post is also making heavy investments in the efficient on-the-web utilisation of information flows, with the aim of facilitating online shopping and selling. Services provided to companies selling their wares online enable consumers to receive real-time information on the availability of the product, its dispatch from the warehouse managed by Itella or its arrival in Finland Post's delivery network. Using the item's tracking code, the buyer can check real-time information on the item's arrival at any time.

Teija Hyttinen, Director, eCommerce Development, Finland Post Corporation, tel. +358 (0)40 848 7161,


Finland Post Group(renamed Itella Group as of 1 June 2007) is an intelligent logistics service company providing services for managing customers’ information and material flows. Operating in nine northern European countries, the Group with a staff of some 24,800 reported consolidated net sales of EUR 1,551 million in 2006. It serves corporate customers under the Itella brand and Finnish consumer customers under the Posti brand. The Group’s operations are organised into the following three business groups: Mail Communication, Information Logistics and Logistics.

The eCommerce Development unitis responsible for providing and implementing Itella’s intelligent logistics solutions for online sellers. The unit is in close co-operation with several service providers in order to ensure efficient and need-based eCommerce processes for its customers. The unit’s   main operating areas cover scalable transport and warehousing services as well as a wide range of marketing tools to reach consumers. Its operations also focus on developing added value services in co-operation with partners.

The survey of online shopping was conducted by Fountain Park Ltd, specialising in web-aided change management and web-based surveys aimed at eliciting latent, new information.