Postal service delays in the province of Päijät-Häme


On Thursday, mail handling was delayed at the Lahti postal centre in Holma, in most cases causing a delay of one working day in the delivery of letters, magazines and parcels in the province of Päijät-Häme, as items will arrive late for delivery from the sorting process. The delay is due to some postal centre employees leaving their workplace in the middle of the night shift.

Reorganisation of operations at the Lahti postal centre at Holma

During the spring and summer, postal item sorting operations will be reorganised at the Lahti postal centre, but the sorting of logistics items will continue there and, among other operations, the postal delivery service departure point will remain on the postal centre premises.

However, the manual sorting of letter items will be primarily transferred from Holma to the Helsinki postal centre, where mechanical letter sorting is possible.

Finland Post will enter into joint discussions (based on statutory Information and Consultation with employees) at the Lahti postal centre in early May. The discussions will involve a total of 82 persons, and according to preliminary estimates, the current duties of a maximum of 20 permanent employees would be terminated. The aim is to offer all permanent employees involved in the joint discussions a position at other Group units.

The reasons for reorganising the sorting centre operations include changes in letter services and their impacts on the use of machine capacity at the Helsinki postal centre. As a result of increasing production costs, higher volumes of electronic communication and price pressures on services, Finland Post is reorganising its operations.

Finland Post Group is facing bifold challenges in terms of staff: on the one hand, certain units are transferring positions to other units or even cutting the number of jobs, while on the other hand, finding a sufficient number of employees e.g. for delivery duties requires great effort. In total, Finland Post Group employs slightly under 25,000 staff. Fewer than 500 employees work in the Lahti area, over 300 of these in mail sorting and delivery services.

Moreover, the Post has employees in logistics services and post offices.

Further information:
Area Manager Niko Keinänen, Southern Häme Production Area, tel. +358 20 45 22644
Regional Manager Eikka Urpilainen, Production, Central Finland, tel. +358 20 45 24128