Itella Sweden leads Swedish information logistics market


Finland Post Group’s Itella Information Logistics business group has acquired Infologistics Scandinavia, a company owned by Bisnode whose operations cover e-invoices, digitising paper documents and updating business-critical databases. Itella Information Logistics has also recently acquired a share in the IT-company DigiDoc, which includes scanning, digitising and an electronic invoice processing system.

These two acquisitions will enable Itella to handle the entire information flow process from order to payment for both corporate clients and the authorities. Together with Itella’s existing e-solutions, the acquired operations will make Itella the strongest player on the information logistics market in Sweden. Group’s turnover will grow during 2007 some €12 million. Total of 139 employees will move to Itella Sweden.

The market will soon experience strong growth due to the public sector being instructed to use e-invoices from 1 July 2008 onwards in Sweden.

– This acquisition strengthens Itella’s position as a dynamic and competitive service supplier on the field of information logistics both on paper and electronically. We have a long experience in electronic invoicing and document digitalisation. In combination with our acquisitions, this means that we now have at least a two or three year head start on Swedish competitors, says Heikki Länsisyrjä, Vice President, Itella Information Logistics.

For more information:
Heikki Länsisyrjä, Vice President, Finland Post Group tel. 050 558 7801.


Itella Information Logistics
Finland Post Group’s Itella Information Logistics business group provides customer-focused solutions for digital communications. These solutions boost the efficiency of invoicing, payroll management, business communication, data collection and archiving in corporations and other organisations. Itella Information Logistics operates in eight countries, employing 1,500 staff. In 2005, its turnover amounted to €186 million. Itella Sweden has 350 employees.