In 2007, Finland Post will sponsor the Eurovision Song Contest and football


Finland Post has signed contracts for this year’s sponsorships. Finland Post will be one of the main sponsors of the Eurovision Song Contest, and continue as the main sponsor of the men’s National Football Team.

As a unique event, the European Song Contest is an interesting partnership. Finland Post regularly selects internationally significant events as sponsorship partners. For example, in 2005, we sponsored the IAAF Athletics World Championships. The Football Association of Finland is an important partner because Finland Post believes in the development of the sport in Finland. Finland Post has sponsored Finnish football for 13 years.

In the Eurovision Song Contest, Finland Post will make commemorative postal services available to the audience. During the contest, post offices will also offer music products under the Sony BGM record company’s partnership contract.

On the first day of the contest, 9 May, a Eurovision Song Contest stamp sheet will be issued, featuring e.g. Marion, Katri-Helena and Lordi. The stamp’s first day event will be held on the issue date in the Helsinki General Post Office.

The football sponsorship is intended to help spur the men’s National Team towards next year’s European cup, and includes the main partnership with the women’s National Team and the Everybody Plays (Kaikki Pelaa) youth football programme. A 100-year commemorative stamp was issued on 7 March, to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Football Association of Finland.

Further information: Marianna Tuomisto, Brand Marketing Manager, tel. 020 451 5643,