Finland Post becomes Itella  


As of 1 June 2007, the name of Finland Post Corporation will become Itella Corporation. At the same time, the entire Group will become the Itella Group.

The change will require no action from you and will have no effect on the use of services or contracts.

The change of name is based on the fact that, during recent years, the Finland Post has changed from a company conducting only postal services to one offering versatile data and material flow management services.

This change is also required by the internationalisation of the Finland Post Corporation. In addition to Finland, the Group now operates in eight Northern European countries, accounting for 23 per cent of the net turnover. Companies and other organisations account for 95 per cent of the Group’s turnover.  

Since the beginning of 2007, the Finland Post has used the Itella marketing name in all Group services offered to companies and organisations. The change of the name of the parent company and the entire Group to Itella will also support the brand overhaul that has already taken place.

The names of the company’s subsidiaries will also be standardised during 2007 in all nine countries. Logistics’ subsidiaries will mainly use the name Itella Logistics, and Information Logistics’ subsidiaries will use Itella Information Logistics.

The Post’s consumer customers in Finland will not be affected by the change as they will continue to be served under the name “Posti”.

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