Elisa to sell its material transfer business to Itella Information Oy


Elisa Corporation and Itella Information Oy have concluded a conditional agreement to sell the material transfer business that is part of Elisa's Production solution area in the Corporate Customers unit to Itella Information Oy.

The material transfer business is a service that consists of the EDI/OVT electronic messaging and the supporting application leasing business.  EDI/OVT refers to electronic, standard format and automatic data transmission between companies' and public administration information systems, such as transmission of orders, order confirmations and invoices.

In connection with the trade, three persons will be transferred as established employees from Elisa to Itella Information Oy, a subsidiary of the Itella Corporation specialised in information logistics.

Further information

Elisa Corporation, Timo Rajala, Vice President, Offering, Corporate Customers, tel +358 50 506 7002, timo.rajala@elisa.fi
Itella Information Oy, Sami Seikkula, Product Line Manager, tel +358 50 386 6243, sami.seikkula@itella.com

Elisa Oyj is a leading Finnish communications service company. Elisa offers its private, corporate and institutional customers voice and telecommunication services, customised communications services solutions and network operator services.  Elisa is the broadband market leader in Finland. It has over 1.3 million fixed line subscriptions, of which broadband subscriptions comprise over 513,000. Elisa is a forerunner in providing new mobile and content services, and it has over 2.2 million mobile phone subscribers. Elisa is listed on the Helsinki Exchanges, its revenue for 2006 amounted to EUR 1.52 billion and it has 3,300 employees. Elisa offers services through the Elisa, Saunalahti and Kolumbus trademarks, and internationally in association with its partners Vodafone and Telenor. www.elisa.com

The Elisa Corporate Customers unit offers customer-oriented solutions to improve companies' production processes (Elisa Production), mobile work and office communication (Elisa Office) and customer service (Elisa Customer). Elisa Design, focusing on consultation, helps customers to identify and exploit new business opportunities.

  In cooperation with its extensive partner network, Elisa provides services for its international customers globally. The revenue of the Corporate Customers unit for 2006 amounted to EUR 416 million. www.elisa.com

Itella Information provides customer-focused information logistics solutions for digital communications. These solutions boost the efficiency of invoicing, payroll management, business communication, data collection and archiving in corporations and other organisations. Itella Group’s Itella Information business group operates in eight countries, employing 1,540 staff. In 2006, its turnover amounted to €200 million. Itella Information Oy, a subsidiary of the business group in Finland, posted a turnover of €91 million in 2006 and had 650 staff.