Direct Debit Contracts in Estonia go through Itella Information


Together with the major banks in Estonia, Itella Information has agreed on a Direct Debit agreement between the various banks. As a result, Itella Information will handle direct debit traffic between the banks, which means that the customer will make only one Direct Debit agreement with the desired bank. Direct debit is a very popular payment method in Estonia. Until now, the customer has had to make a direct debit agreement separately with each bank, and the receiver and payer have had to be using the same bank. Now all inter bank direct debit traffic will go through Itella. 

 ”Direct debit is a popular payment method in many European countries. Implementing Itella’s system will develop Estonia’s payment traffic considerably. The aim is to offer customers, both consumers and businesses, increasingly flexible payment methods”, says Mait Sooaru, CEO at Itella Information AS.

Itella Information is a considerable e-Service and e-Invoice provider in Estonia. In addition to direct debit services, Itella is a significant developer of electronic invoicing. More than 60 per cent of Estonia's electronic consumer invoices go through Itella’s portal. Of all consumer invoices in Estonia, about ten per cent are electronic, when the corresponding figure in Finland is only a couple of per cent.

"Itella Information is a market leader in information logistics in the Baltic countries. In addition to Estonia, we also operate in Latvia and Lithuania. The advanced nature of these countries in the various areas of the information society forms a good basis for our development of innovative electronic services for corporate information management," explains Heikki Länsisyrjä, Business Unit Manager.

Further information:
Heikki Länsisyrjä, Business Unit Manager, Itella Information, tel. +358 (0)50 558 7801.
Mait Sooaru, CEO, Itella Information AS, tel.  +37 250 195 33.