85 million eLetters sent annually


Customer Satisfaction high

In Finland, circa 85 million eLetters are sent annually. The users of this service consider the Itella eLetter to be easy to use, inexpensive and reliable. It is, hence, mainly used for sending invoices. The concept, used since the early 1990s in Finland, is also now being exported.

With the help of Itella’s eLetter service, companies send documents, for example invoices, customer bulletins or salary statements, to Itella in electronic format. Itella Information then prints and places the documents in envelopes and sends them, depending on the format that the recipient wants, to their destination either by post in paper format or electronically for example to Itella’s eTransactions service, Netposti. The eLetter service speeds up the flow of information from the sender to the recipient, resulting in the sender’s organisation functioning more efficiently. The routine work processes, such as fulfilment and posting, are carried out by Itella in a data secure manner, and it only remains for the client company to produce the content.

According to the customer satisfaction survey commissioned by Itella Information Oy in May, the users of eLetters are highly satisfied with the service: it is considered easy to use, inexpensive and reliable. 80% of the respondents rated the eLetter as “extremely good” or “excellent” for ease of use. 75% considered the eLetter to be a service that matched their needs well and 76% were satisfied with the quality of the printing and mailing services.

Almost 70% of the companies and organisations surveyed use the eLetter for sending invoices. Of the users of the service, around 50% send salary statements and circa 25% other customer communications, such as bulletins and customer letters.

“The eLetter service is one of the operational cornerstones of Itella’s information logistics business. The service is currently being extended particularly to Sweden and Germany, where the goal is to achieve market leadership in the main market segments”, says Miikka Savolainen, who is the director responsible for the service at Itella.

The objective of the customer satisfaction survey was to chart customer opinion about the eLetter service and to find out about the selection criteria for its use. 120 business customers using the eLetter service took part in the survey and it was conducted via telephone interviews.

Further Information:
Product Line Director Miikka Savolainen, Itella Information Oy
Tel. 040 753 6484, miikka.savolainen@itella.com