Petteri Naulapää appointed for the SVP, ICT and Digitalization of the Posti Group Corporation


Petteri Naulapää

Petteri Naulapää, 49, M.Sc. (Tech.), has been appointed for the SVP, ICT and Digitalization of the Posti Group Corporation and member of the Posti Group Corporation Executive Board. Naulapää starts in his new role at the latest on 1st of August 2018.

ICT plays a key role in Posti’s operations and services. Naulapää has a strong background in digital transformation projects in the commercial and industrial sectors. He has worked as the Chief Information Officer at Stockmann since 2015, and before that, at Vaisala since 2010.

“We are developing new and modern postal and logistic services to offer our customers a winning service experience. It is equally important for us to ensure that the most suitable digital solutions are used in our operations, including robotics and AI. Our parcel volumes increased remarkably last year, and one of the enablers of this growth was our pioneering in digital solutions. It is wonderful to have Petteri Naulapää’s experience and views to guide our ICT development,” says Posti Group’s President and CEO Heikki Malinen.

“Posti is facing an interesting stage where digitalization requires the creation of new business models. Posti, which is familiar to all Finns, has lots to achieve in this matter. Goods flows, dispatch speed and customer experience define how the e-commerce will develop in the future. In addition to technology, the operation models must also develop continuously. Posti already has extensive expertise in this field. I will focus on the versatility of digital expertise and further accelerate development,” says Naulapää.

Naulapää reports to President and CEO Heikki Malinen.