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Along with fulfilling its own tasks and objectives, Posti also wants to look after the well-being of its customers and personnel. We provide support to selected organizations and individuals who influence the lives of many people. Our support is based on interactive collaboration, in which Posti's role is not merely that of a financial sponsor, but a proactive operator.

The sponsoring cooperation targets we choose reflect Posti's value base. They represent responsible team spirit, accompanying people and companies in their everyday lives, and an uncompromising attitude towards one's own work. We have participated in efforts enabling both recreational and professional engagement in sports and cultural activities, up to the heights of international success.

For many Christmases now, Posti has made a donation instead of sending Christmas gifts to customers and partners. In Christmas 2017, we channeled our support  to Sotiemme veteraanit (Our War Veterans) fundraising and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and in 2018 to the Finnish Red Cross.

Some of Posti’s mailboxes in central Helsinki were decorated with the colors of the rainbow for the duration of Helsinki Pride week in summer 2018. ​​​​In January 2019 we participated in Opraatio Ankka (Operation Duck), a campaign run by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). The aim of the campaign was to encourage children to read, emphasising the importance of reading as an everyday activity for families. 

Executive Board decides on Posti's sponsoring targets and the Board of Directors on donations. We annually operate within the framework of these decisions.

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