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Disclosure Policy for Financial Communications

Posti's financial communications

Financial statements and interim reports

Posti discloses regularly its financial statements and quarterly interim reports (3, 6, 9 months). The Group's Communications Unit is responsible for disclosing this financial information. Individual Group companies do not disclose their own financial bulletins. The financial information is only published by reportable segment. No financial indicators are disclosed with regard to an individual subsidiary or business unit (only exception being the number of personnel which a subsidiary is allowed to present). The information is disclosed simultaneously to Posti Group's personnel and the media, ant it is also always available at 

Other financial releases

Posti Group Corporation’s practice is to publish media releases on the following matters:

The Group's Communications Unit is responsible and shall approve for publishing all group-level or business group-level releases.

Annual report

Posti Group Corporation publishes an annual report that includes the company's official audited consolidated financial statements. In addition, it includes the CEO's review, presentation of the strategy, and the main events of the business groups during the report year, among others.

The annual report is available in electronic format at


The Financials section of Posti's Group site includes the financial disclosures over the course of a minimum of five years. In addition, the IR calendar for the next year will be reported on the website as from December each year at the latest. The Group website contains a release archive and comprehensive information on Corporate Governance.

Corporate Governance and Remuneration Statements

In connection with the financial statements, Posti Group Corporation publishes a Corporate Governance Statement and a Remuneration Statement that are available in electronic format at

Insider register

The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) of the European Union became effective in all member states on 3 July 2016. Therefore Posti suspended permanently its previous permanent insider register and shifted to use the model of insider lists stipulated in the regulation.

Responsibility for financial communications

Posti Group Corporation's CFO is responsible for the content of financial communications and Posti Group Corporation's Vice President of Stakeholder Relations is responsible for its implementation.