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Supervisory Board

Members of the Supervisory Board

Chairman, Vice ChairmanSince
Chairman Markku Rossi, MP, Centre Party 2015
Vice Chairman Jani Toivola, MP, The Greens of Finland 2015
Members Since
Maria Guzenina, MP, Social Democratic Party 2013
Rami Lehto, MP, Finns Party 2015
Eeva-Maria Maijala, MP, Centre Party 2015
Sari Moisanen, Project Manager, House of Lapland, Left Alliance 2011
Mats Nylund, MP, Swedish People's Party of Finland 2015
Juha Pylväs, MP, Centre Party 2016 
Sari Raassina, MP, National Coalition Party 2015
Lulu Ranne, Master of Science (Tech.), Finns Party 2015
Satu Taavitsainen, MP, Social Democratic Party 2015
Kari Tolvanen, MP, National Coalition Party 2015


The Supervisory Board's duties include the following: ensuring that Posti Group Corporation is managed according to sound business practices and on a profitable basis, providing guidance to the Board of Directors on issues with broad implications or those deemed important in principle, providing the AGM with a statement on the company's financial statements and the auditors' report, monitoring the functioning of postal services and consideration of proposals for changes thereto.

The Supervisory Board has adopted written rules and procedures, which lay out the Board's key responsibilities and working principles.

Posti Group Corporation's AGM appoints the members of the Supervisory Board and elects the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. The Supervisory Board has between six and twelve members. Persons aged 68 and above are not eligible for election to the Board. Members' terms of office are one year and end at the close of the AGM following their election.