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We continue on our path of regeneration: our goal is to evolve into a customer-oriented and profitable logistics and postal service company by 2020.

In order to achieve this, we have set four key objectives for the delivery route of the future – and we Posti employees will do this together, as always! 

We are where our customers are. We make everyday smoother for our customers now and in future.

Week questions

You can respond to weekly changing questions related to the future of Posti. There will be a raffle with amazing prizes among all respondents as follows:

This campaign is for Posti Production employee. The employment relationship must be valid throughout the campaign 8.1. - 1.3.2018.

There will be a raffle with amazing prizes among all respondents.

  1. Answer to the first question, (prize: Samsung Gear Fit2 sports watch, value EUR 190).
  2. Answer to the second question, (prize: Samsung Galaxy A5 Android phone, value EUR 270).
  3. Answer to the third question, (prize: Samsung Gear Fit2 sports watch, value EUR 190).
  4. Answer to the fourth question, (prize: Samsung Galaxy A5 Android phone, value EUR 270).

Take part until 28 February 2018. All prizes will be awarded on March 1, 2018.

Arvonnan säännöt (pdf)

In addition, one lucky winner will be selected in a random draw from among all respondents to win the grand prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7” Wi-Fi+LTE tablet, Android 7.0 (value EUR 780)

“As international e-commerce
will continue to grow, we have to be
ready to be the best also in the future!”
Henri, assistant supervisor


“Today’s customer is very informed and wants to get the best service.”
Tommi, driver

We win in e-commerce

Due to the growth of online shopping, parcel volumes increase rapidly also in Finland. We have already worked hard together for the change and now it is time to update the plans. We have a comprehensive, nationwide delivery and terminal network to beat the competitors with!

We will improve our services with the help of digitalization

In order to meet the constantly changing expectations of our customers, we want to develop our services and utilize new technology, for instance, to be able to improve the efficiency of delivery and maintain our high quality. Posti’s digitalization is directly visible also to our customers: we are further developing the Posti mobile application and aim to get it ranked among the most downloaded and used apps in Finland.


“Strategy means goals, and the importance of letters
will remain a goal for me.”
Eetu, deliverer

“I always think of our customers when I look at addresses, and I feel very proud to be a Posti employee and able to take good care of the parcel when delivering it to the customer.”
Emma, postal worker

New digital life for letters

Letters and publications will remain important to us also in the future, but they must be important to our customers, too. This is why we want to offer a digital tracking system for letters and other addressed deliveries – and, by the way, be among the first postal companies in the world to do it.

Posti Orange service culture evolves from our community spirit

The Posti Orange service culture created and maintained by us Posti employees together is the feeling and image that are conveyed to our customers. Each and every one of us can affect it every day. You are a key figure in influencing what the customers think of us!