Kasper, Solution Manager

“Strong, supportive work community"

I have a degree in production economy (university of applied sciences). I have worked as a solution manager at Posti’s ICT unit since 2016. My responsibilities include the management, planning and administration of ICT projects for various clients.

I have a total of 11 years of experience in setting up and maintaining logistics and IT systems and planning technical processes. I came to work at Posti, because I wanted to work in a different sector and my previous colleague suggested Posti to me.

In a way, the change was easy, because my previous role also included making changes to IT systems that support logistics. The change was also an interesting one, because now, the processes I work with are directly linked to transport processes instead of manufacturing processes.

The good team spirit is my favorite thing at Posti. I also like the different challenges that are part of the job. My tasks are challenging, but that makes the job interesting. I learn new things daily, but that’s precisely why I like my job so much. I am happy that we have such a strong, supportive community here at Posti. A good team can take us through tough times.