Jarkko, Business Controller

“I have learned a great many things”

I graduated from the Technical University of Lappeenranta as a Master of Science in Engineering in 2016. I studied production economy and specialized in strategic management, accounting and financing.

Posti has been my principal employer since 2007. At the moment, I work as a business controller in Postal Services, and my tasks include financial planning and controlling. My career at Posti kicked off in the trainee program, after which I have worked as a business manager, development manager and product group manager, to name but a few.

At Posti, I have learned a great many things and worked with a number of different tasks. Posti also offers intriguing insight into business processes, decision-making and management at a large enterprise. Large companies have their own challenges, but Posti is actually far more dynamic than one might expect.

Posti offers a lot as an employer: one’s tasks are, to a large extent, determined by one’s interests and wishes. I feel like I can make a difference and use my strengths in all of my tasks. And because I constantly learn something new, I develop in my work.