About Posti
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Diverse duties

Different work for different stages in life

At Posti, you are within reach of the diverse alternatives provided by a large employer, in fact one of the largest in Finland. Our duties and tasks include managerial and expert tasks as well as different jobs in shipment processing, warehousing and delivery.

Join us in building the Posti of the future and accumulate your own competence at the same time. With us, you can genuinely affect your work and present your ideas.

Posti’s processing, delivery and transport

You can work flexibly and part-time according to what’s best for you at the moment. We offer different kinds of work tasks: from permanent employment relationships to part-time and seasonal work in the summer, Christmas time and during different campaigns.

Customer service, sales and development

High-quality customer service and customer focus are close to our heart. We work in close cooperation with our consumer and business customers, creating new alternatives for trade and smooth everyday life. We develop our service offering, innovate and have the courage to try new things.

Home services

The care industry is an interesting growth area for Posti. We can provide services supporting living at home with a customer focus. We have available positions in home care and as personal assistants.

Diverse expert, supervisor and managerial tasks

Our field of operations is wider than you’d ever thought. We are involved in online store solutions, food logistics, digital services and home services—in addition to traditional letter and parcel shipments, of course. Our organization enables personal growth stories, expanding competence and diverse opportunities for participating in the development and management of services and encouraging your team.

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