Antti, Head of Freight Services

“Extensive expertise as a backbone”

My career at Posti started in fall 2007, in the first, 1.5-year trainee program of the parent company. The focus of the program was on logistics in Finland and international logistics in the Nordic Region, the Baltic countries and Russia. I have a master’s degree in economic sciences.

I have worked with heavy goods, i.e. freight, for the better part of my 10 years at Posti. My titles have included development manager, product manager and business manager. In my current role, my team and I are responsible for the domestic freight product and its profitability and development. Thanks to my career path at Posti, I first learned about the operations at a practical, detailed level, after which it was easier to grasp the bigger picture.

Posti encourages its employees to develop the company and its business and create new, innovative services. The aim is to improve continuously and respond to changing customer needs. This attitude makes the future at Posti full of possibilities, also for newly-graduated employees.

In my opinion, extensive expertise is Posti’s strength and backbone. I do not think there is another operator in the field with such extensive services and competent staff.