About Posti
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Posti as an employer

Posti Group employs approximately 20,500 people in ten countries, offering a diverse range of positions from challenging expert duties to part-time jobs.

Our values are the basis for all our activities - also as an employer. Values unite us - they define us as Posti employees and guide our daily choices and work. Together we succeed and reach our goals!

Leadership Cornerstones form the basis for a unified way of leading throughout Posti. They define what is expected from a good leader in Posti and are value-based guidelines that all managers at all levels can lean on in daily work. Leadership Cornerstones are also used for target setting, evaluation and development of managers. Good leadership in all situations is the foundation of well-being at work.

Corporate Responsibility has been the cornerstone of Posti's operations for nearly 400 years when we started as a purely postal operator. Today, both our scope of business and geographic coverage have expanded considerably. Our commitment to responsibility remains strong - it's part of our strategy, it's based on our shared values and it is also expected by our stakeholders.