100% carbon neutral

In 2015, Posti’s carbon neutral Posti Green concept was expanded to cover all of Posti’s services in Finland: postal services, parcels, transport and freight services, as well as warehousing services.. There is no extra charge for Posti Green services for our customers.

Posti Green is part of our environmental program which aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2020 (compared with 2007, in relation to net sales). As part of Posti’s environmental program, the carbon dioxide emissions arising from operations are actively reduced by route optimization, the efficient combination of deliveries, and using an ecological driving style.

The remaining emissions are neutralized through participation in climate projects. In practice, if transporting a letter produces 20 grams of carbon dioxide, or transporting a parcel produces approximately 900 grams, we use certified climate projects to ensure that an equal amount of emissions is reduced somewhere else.

The climate projects take place in countries that have no cap-and-trade schemes. The climate projects do not take place in Finland or any other country that have signed the Kyoto Protocol, and have already committed to certain emission reduction goals.  Posti participates for example wind power projects in India and Turkey. Produced renewable energy replaces fossil fuels and therefore reduces emissions. Additionally, the projects create jobs locally.

With its 100 % carbon neutral services, Posti is a pioneer in green logistics in Finland.

By using Posti Green products, our customers can reduce CO2 emissions in their supply chain processes. The CO2 emissions generated by our services are calculated as part of our annual environmental calculations. As part of the Posti Green services we also produce CO2 calculation reports to our customers.

In contract services Posti Green is visible as part of the payment indication marking. In Posti’s vehicles there is a marking stating “Climate-friendly delivery”.

Read more about environmental management and Posti Green services from our latest Corporate Sustainability Report.

Posti Green service model