Posti has also focused on buildings in its systematic efforts to improve energy efficiency. In Finland, electricity consumption fell by 3% and heating by 17%. Temperature-adjusted heat consumption decreased by 9%. Posti’s Finnish properties use electricity generated 100% by renewable hydroelectric power.

Large properties such as warehouses, terminals and postal centers use about 80 per cent of all electricity. All our logistics operations in Finland are fully covered by environmental certificate. We also have an ISO 14001 compliant environmental management system in our warehouses in Russia.

We have centralized our waste management services to a single operator in Finland, which helps us ensure energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The aim of waste management is to minimize landfill waste and increase recoverable waste. In 2015, our recovery rate was 98% (2014: 95%) and recycling rate 67%.

Convenient repairs and recycling for pallets

In order to increase our recycling rate and reduce waste volume, we collect surplus and decommissioned pallets at our warehouses, postal centers, and terminals. The pallets are handed over to Lassila & Tikanoja, where they are sorted. Mendable pallets are repaired and delivered for further reuse for customers. Pallets that are beyond repair are chipped and recycled as fuel for energy production.

Posti receives compensation for the pallets, and at the same time, the amount of wood waste is reduced.

Energy-efficient work at the Logistics Center

Posti's Logistics Center in Vantaa is Finland's largest parcel sorting center, and the majority of the parcel traffic in Finland - approximately 90,000 parcels a day - pass through it. The center has been granted the ISO 14001 environmental certificate by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

The Logistics Center has successfully reduced its energy consumption by decreasing the temperature of production facilities by one degree Celsius, by improving the capturing of exhaust air and updating the timing of lights. It is also strictly forbidden to idle vehicles in the Logistics Center area.

Green Office

Posti’s headquarters is a member of the WWF Green Office network since 2014.

WWF Green Office is an environmental management system for offices. With its help, workplaces are able to reduce their ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Less waste

Updated waste management plans have been introduced in many Posti's premises. The goal of the plans is to prevent the emergence of waste, to re-use materials, and to recycle them. The personnel is actively involved in sorting different types of waste.

In different locations, the amount of landfill waste has decreased. More effective waste sorting also makes the workplace tidier and safer.