At the beginning of 2015:

  • The name Itella Oyj changed to Posti Group Oyj (Swedish: Posti Group Abp, English: Posti Group Corporation).
  • The name Itella Posti Oy changed to Posti Oy (Swedish: Posti Ab, English: Posti Ltd).
  • Itella Logistics Ltd merged with Posti Ltd.

The changes does not have an effect on existing services or agreements. Agreements are automatically transferred to Posti Ltd with the same terms and conditions. The changes can be seen in invoices, forms, and other similar documents in the future.

As of January 1, 2015, Posti Group Corporation's details are as follows:

  • Business ID: 1531864-4 (no change from Itella Corporation's current ID).
  • Telephone numbers and street addresses remain unchanged.
  • E-mail addresses are in the format
  • The website address is

As of January 1, 2015, Posti Ltd's details are as follows:

  • Business ID: 0109357-9 (no change from Itella Posti Oy's current ID).
  • Telephone numbers and street addresses remain unchanged.
  • E-mail addresses are in the format

The website address is (no change).

Further information

Customer service, tel. +358 200 77000

Questions and answers

Under one name, we can offer our customers a more straightforward customer experience and range of services. The model of two brands has also caused additional expenses. We have wanted to listen to the opinions of customers and citizens. Citizens and customers have wished for the name Posti, which has become evident in customer surveys.




Finns have a very strong emotional and trusting relationship with the name Posti. Based on the results of customer research, the brand of the company needed to be clarified, and the name Posti was a superior alternative. Posti is a traditional and respected Finnish brand that has served Finns with dignity for 376 years.


With regard to most services, we will omit the word Itella from the name of the product or service. We will announce any changes related to service and product names during the fall and the beginning of next year separately.

Name Itella Green will be changed into Posti Green.

The postal license under the Postal Act will be held by Posti Ltd as of January 1, 2015, and the operator ID will be changed in the payment indications. There will be a transition period of one (1) year for changing the payment indications, and we will inform our customers of it in November.



Our customers will continue to receive the same services from us as they do now. Business with customer service and sales will be clarified when we have a single company named Posti.

As a general rule, the changes will not have effects on contact persons. In case of any changes, we will contact our customers separately.


We hope that our customers will update the new names in their own systems. The changes do not require any actions with regard to agreements; agreements will be automatically transferred to Posti Ltd.


Agreements need not be renewed due to the changes.


The changes will not directly affect the terms and conditions of the agreement. The agreement structures will be harmonized and some general issues will be agreed in Posti’s general terms and conditions. We will contact customers separately concerning the changes.


In the future, the Finnish business companies will be molded into one company as Itella Logistics Ltd is merged with Itella Posti Oy. The name Itella Posti Oy will be changed to Posti Oy on January 1, 2015.

Itella Group has many subsidiaries, such as OpusCapita and the Logistics subsidiaries in the Nordic region, the Baltic countries, and Russia. Changing the name does not concern OpusCapita or Itella's foreign companies.


The name of the group was changed to Itella in 2007 for reasons related to internationalization. The group had expanded to eight other countries in addition to Finland, and a large part of the operations were other than mail operations. The name Posti was never abandoned; instead, it has been serving cash customers in Finland all along. However, the two-brand model failed to function as expected. We are now building the new Posti as a modern, customer-oriented and high-quality service provider.


We operate in 11 countries, and it will be easier for customers and stakeholders to understand the English word. The word ‘group' is in common use among Finnish companies. The word ‘group' will not, of course, be used as a brand and logo; the brand will have the concise name of Posti.

 The name of the parent company is the same in all languages: Posti Group. We have not forgotten the Swedish language; we will certainly offer service in different channels in Swedish, even though the logo says Posti. The name Posti clearly indicates what we do, while it also stands out from other international postal companies. Posti is an established corporate name that fulfils the requirements for an understandable and clear name in both domestic languages.

In line with our vision, we are clarifying our company structure in Finland, thus simplifying our administrative processes and seeking greater economic efficiency. The change allows us to present ourselves to customers as a single company. The structure of two operational companies is expensive, rigid and slow to change.


The aim of the merger is to improve customer focus by, for instance, making it easier for customers to do business with a single company. We are also pursuing economic efficiency.

Posti’s new postcode is FI-00011 POSTI as of January 1, 2015.